Internment Dates


In one of Jupp’s notebooks, at the very end, we found what Jupp titled “Internment Dates” – a list of dates and events that starts with his arrest on June 25th, 1940 and ends with his transfer to Camp 2 in Tatura, Vic., Australia on January 30th, 1942.  This gives us an overview of where he was when.  The dates in the list below are given like Jupp wrote them down, according to German custom: day – month – year. Anything in italics I added for clarification.


25.6.1940  Interned in Sheffield, 2 pm.  Police Station, 6pm Buses to somewhere in Yorkshire.

26.6.1940  Train to York, Camp Race Course B (Racecourse Camp, Knavesmire, York, Yorkshire, England).
Masses of barbed wire.  Started kitchen work next day.  Locked up at night.

3.7.1940  Train to Liverpool, ship to Isle of Man.  Central Camp Douglas, I.o.M.

9.7.1940  Leave Camp, night in Casino, sleep on floor

10.7.1940  St. Helier to Liverpool, H.M.T Dunera, sailed same night

12.7.1940  many sea sick.  Torpedoes.

21.7.1940  No more Canada.

24.7. 1940  Land in sight, land Freetown, Sierra Leone, leave 6pm.

25.7.1940  Watershortage, very hot.

27.7.1940  10 am land in sight, 12am (probably 12pm, noon) in harbour Tacuradi-Segundi (30 000), Gold Coast, 1 degree north, 2 degrees west. (Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana).
choking hot, no air.

29.7.1940  Leaving at 7.30am.

7.8.1940  Light in sight at night.

8.8.1940  11am in harbour of Capetown (Cape Town, South Africa).
“30 sec sight of Mount Table” each through lavatory porthole.

9.8.1940 Leaving Capetown at 6pm

11.8.1940  very stormy day. 38 degrees

16.8.1940  Man over board.  gone.

27.8.1940  again Land ahead. 12 a.m. in harbour of Freemantle (Fremantle, Australia).  Austr. Officers.

28.8.1940  Leaving for Melbourne at 8 a.m.

31.8.1940  Fingerprints + particulars taken.

3.9.1940  9.30 a.m. in harbour of Melbourne. 490 leave ship.

4.9.1940  Leaving Melbourne at 7 a.m.

5.9.1940  one dead from fighting, buried at sea.

6.9.1940  Land in sight, 9.30 view on Sydney.
leaving  ship shortly after noon.
train-journey through NSW, ~450 miles.

7.9.1940  arrive in Hay about 7.30 a.m.
Camp 8, Eastern Command
40 District Censor, 45 Reservoir Street, Sydney, N.S.W., Australia.
Hay, Rail-Head, 3000 inhabitants, Centre for cattle farmers.  Nice park and small zoo, saw emu, kangaroo, wallaby, kookaburra, cockatoo, parrot etc.  Monkey-trees u.a.

22.5.1941  2 a.m. getting up for leaving.
5.15 a.m. Train leaves Hay.
Journey Narrandera, Junee, arrive in Orange 12.30 a.m., rain, searchlights.
Camp not very pleasant, nice surroundings, very cold at nights.  Good Food.  Kind treatment.
Orange, 15000 inhabitants, Fruit plants, wheat, gold-mining.  Got ovens after 6 weeks.

21.7.1941  Concert by Stadlen

24.7.1941  Leave Orange at 1 pm.

25.7.1941  8 a.m. at Tocumwal, change trains
1 p.m. Rushworth, wired trucks to Internment Camp 3, Section A, Tatura.
Very nice camp, 2 men cubicles.

16.8.1941  change (walk! very pleasant) to Int. Camp 4, Section A, Tatura.

20.9.1941  wireless installed.  (loud speakers)

22.10.1941  Gustav (Krentler) released for Canberra

3.11.1941  official notice of release (a fine birthday present!)

28.11.1941 Heini (Werner Hansen)+ Otto (Bennemann) leave.

9.1.1942  Signed willingness. going soon!
Transport stopped last minute.

30.1.1942  Moved to Camp two Tatura.
3 nights in tent.  28-men-huts.

(17.7.1942 Boarded the TSS Themistocles, arrived in England 6.10.1942, with extended stop in the harbor of Durban, South Africa)




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