Flower, 78 Years Old

I have been wanting to post because I found some really nice new material, but alas!, the day has only 24 hours.  But look at this beautiful little window into history:

78 year old flower with writing

This is a flower my father picked and pressed on October 10th, 1940 (see writing) when he was interned in Hay, Australia.  The flower has survived in wonderful shape, and it looks a bit like Cardamine pratensis, a little meadow flower know as cuckooflower, lady’s smock, mayflower, or milkmaids, or Wiesenschaumkraut in German, but as far as I know, they don’t grow in Australia.  So who knows what he picked there, but it was important enough for him to carefully preserve, and how successful he was in this!

I love these little windows into history.


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