Words of Wisdom

Confucius speaks:

Better do a kindness near at home than walk a thousand miles to burn incense.

A man of noble mind seeks to perfect the good in others and not their evil.

The inferior man always embellishes his mistakes.

If on self-examination I find I am not upright, shall I not be in fear even of a beggar?  If on self-examination I find I am upright, I will go forward unafraid against thousands and tens of thousands.

To see the right and not do it is cowardice.

Sincerity is the way of God: study it wisely, inquire into it searchingly, reflect upon it carefully, discriminate about it accurately, and practice is wisely.

yin and yang

When Fan Che asked Confucius: “What is Humanity?”, the master answered “To love men”.  When he asked “What is knowledge?”, the answer was, “To know men.”

He who desires to know men must first know God.

Why should God speak in words?  The four seasons follow in their course and all things come to life.


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